TeamItaly 2020

TeamItaly 2020

@ ENISA Hackfest
In 2020, TeamItaly, expanded to 20 participants for the first time, has participated in the ENISA Hackfest from 16 to 18 November 2020: an online competition to which the nations participating in the ECSC have been invited, postponed to the following year due to the health situation.

TeamItaly 2020


Stefano Alberto
Armando Bellante
Andrea Biondo
Marco Bonelli
Filippo Casarin
Qian Matteo Chen
Davide De Bona
Domingo Dirutigliano
Nicolò Durisotto
Antonio Groza
Marco Ilardi
Michele Lizzit
Antonio Napolitano
Riccardo Negri
Dario Petrillo
Alessandro Righi
Lorenzo Rossi
Luca Sorace
Samuele Turci
Riccardo Zanotto


Mario Polino


Gaspare Ferraro

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