TeamItaly 2023

TeamItaly 2023

6th place at ECSC
In 2023 the competition, now in its eighth edition, has been hosted and organized by Norway since 24 to 26 October 2023 at the Vikinship in the city of Hamar and saw the participation of 28 countries. The organizing committee was composed, in addition to ENISA, of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.
In 2023, TeamItaly takes sixth place, preceded by Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Holland and France.

TeamItaly 2023


Salvatore Abello
Stefano Alberto
Giulia Aloia
Gianluca Altomani
Vincenzo Bonforte
Carmen Casulli
Mattia Lorenzo Chiabrando
Carlo Collodel
Lorenzo Demeio
Jacopo Di Pumpo
Lorenzo Leonardini
Marco Meinardi
Giovanni Minotti
Alessandro Mizzaro
Leandro Pagano
Dario Petrillo
Simone Petroni
Gennaro Pierro
Antonio Angelo Polignano
Riccardo Sulis


Mario Polino


Gaspare Ferraro


Riccardo Bonafede
Giulia Martino
Matteo Rossi

Press conference of TeamItaly 2023